Stop counting and re-counting your dove to ensure compliance with daily bag limit! The Dove Rack features 15 slots to hang dove by neck or feet so you know when you’ve hit your limit.

  • Daily Bag Limit Rack

    Eliminates need to keep count of your daily bag limit!  Includes 15 slots to hang dove by feet or neck.

  • Shotgun Shell Box Holder

    Holds your shells so you don’t have to! Features a shotgun shell compartment configured to accommodate .410 to 12 gauge boxes

  • Cup Holder

    Keeps your beverage safe from being kicked over! Supports up to a 30 oz tumbler.

  • Fully Collapsible

    Breaks down into a 12"x9"x2" box for easy storage at end of season! No tools required!

Adaptable For Your Hunting Conditions

Height of the Dove Rack is adjustable for sitting or standing and the middle plate is configured to accommodate different shell box sizes!